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Mozambique becoming a destiny for many people from Portugal

Mozambique becoming a destiny for many people from Portugal

Walter Sebastian, Jay Doggett and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The crisis within the eurozone in Portugal is leading to many individuals leaving this nation and relocating to Mozambique. Portugal which once ruled Mozambique is witnessing new “changing sands” because of the current economic crisis within the eurozone. Therefore, many individuals are seeking a new life in Mozambique in order to escape the economic malaise of Portugal.

Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is witnessing a boom based on strong economic growth in this nation. This is a far cry from the colonial period and the brutal civil war which followed. However, while these times will always remain etched within history and never forgotten; the new Mozambique is focused on economic prosperity and ongoing modernization.

In Portugal the economy remains gloomy and issues related to debt and a bright future remains cloudy. At the same time the economy of Mozambique is growing by over 7% this year and is forecast to do the same the following year. On top of this, new major discoveries of gas and coal are also igniting interest in other parts of Mozambique.

Maputo is still the main pulling power for newcomers from Portugal. However, the discovery of major reserves in the area of natural resources is providing fresh impetus in other parts of this country.

Of course, internal problems remain in Mozambique related to poverty and the relative low base of the economy compared with major developed nations. Yet for many skilled citizens from Portugal it appears that Mozambique is a new gateway to economic prosperity. Of course, the power of the Portuguese language and past history, despite this history being “troubled” and based on inequality, means that you have many natural binding factors.

Until recently many people from Mozambique deemed Portugal to be a gateway to future prosperity and escaping from the cycle of poverty and lack of opportunities in this nation. Yet in a relatively short period of time political leaders have kick started the once moribund economy and sowed the seeds of fresh hope. It is this hope which is galvanizing entrepreneurs within Mozambique and which is enticing people from Portugal because of lean times back home.

Areas of economic growth in Mozambique apply notably to the financial services, transportation, construction, communications and now the energy sector. This in turn is witnessing strong economic growth throughout this nation.

It is the collective crisis within the eurozone and the boom in Mozambique which is leading to people from Portugal relocating to Mozambique. This in itself is highlighting the severe economic crisis in nations like Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy and other nations in the eurozone.

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