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Tokyo fashion: Vera Wang to open a new store in Ginza

Tokyo fashion: Vera Wang to open a new store in Ginza

Sarah Deschamps, Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Vera Wang is focused on expanding throughout Asia this year and her base in Japan will be in the exquisite fashion district of Ginza in Tokyo. Her first flagship store in trendy Tokyo will open in June this year. Also, her partnership with Hatsuko Endo means that things should take off rather quickly.

Ginza was a natural choice for Vera Wang because of the delectable fashion angle to this vibrant district in Tokyo. The bridal sector in this amazing city will certainly be reinvigorated when it comes to the exquisite side of amazing designs by Vera Wang. Therefore, the opening in Ginza is designed to pave the way for future expansion throughout Tokyo and this applies to new lines by Vera Wang.

She is known internationally for sublime couture bridesmaid gowns which highlight the creative nature of this fashionable lady. The same applies to her stunning wedding gown collections which highlight the deep passion of Vera Wang. Also, this trend setter in her field of expertise designs elegant outfits for female figure skaters. This is a natural correlation to her early career whereby she was a figure skater.

Vera Wang grew up in New York City where she was born in 1949 and she obtained a degree from Sarah Lawrence College in art history. From the age of six she began to do figure skating and this took her all the way to competing in the 1968 United States Figure Skating Championships. The turning point for Vera Wang turning to the fashion industry happened after failing to qualify for the United States Olympics team in figure skating. However, her passion for skating remains firmly entrenched and she stated that “Skating is multidimensional.”

Turning to her fashion career then Vera Wang worked for Vogue for 17 years in the capacity of being a senior fashion editor, with this internationally famous company. This period served Vera Wang extremely well because of the abundant connections she made. Also, her own creativity and flair meant that she understood the high end fashion market and the richness of international boutiques. After leaving Vogue she became a design director for Ralph Lauren for two years and clearly both establishments served Vera Wang well.

The year 1990 would witness her own design salon in New York which was based in the Carlyle Hotel. Her bridal designs soon began to woo the rich and famous because many famous individuals had their wedding gowns designed by Vera Wang. This applies to Mariah Carey, Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton, Sharon Stone, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Uma Thurman, and many others, including Avril Lavigne. Also, Michelle Obama was seen in her evening wear and this sums up the high octane nature of her stunning designs.

In time Vera Wang entered new markets based on fragrance, jewelry, shoes, luggage, eyewear, tabletop, fine papers, bedding, and flowers. This complements her creativity and search for new areas to expand. Therefore, while the bridal sector and designing for female figure skaters is internationally known alongside other fashion clothes – it is clear that you have many angles to Vera Wang.

Tokyoites will soon witness the exquisite nature of Vera Wang and given the creativity of Tokyo then clearly new thought patterns may emerge within future designs. Ginza is a natural base for such a trend setter in her area of expertise. Therefore, in all likelihood, the venture should soon witness new lines entering her flagship store in Ginza in the near future.

Lee Jay Walker gave assistance to both Sarah Deschamps and Michel Lebon

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