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Austria Gracey: Tokyo Style Fashion with an American Touch

Austria Gracey: Tokyo Style Fashion with an American Touch

Horace C. White and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Austria Gracey has always been inspired by fashion and beauty. This elegant lady began her involvement in the fashion industry as a fashion model. Her modeling career started in 1994 in Tokyo, Japan, and her unique looks and professionalism helped her to develop into new exciting fields. Austria is currently signed with the designer brand, NEODANDI (, which is known for creativity.

In the past Austria worked for and was mentored by BGN PARIS ( under Susan Vesser from 2003 to 2006. This gave her a fascinating start in the fashion industry and highlights the internationalism of this exquisite fashion designer. After leaving this company she then moved to NORDSTROM from 2007 to 2009. Throughout her intriguing fashion journey, Austria found the courage to start her own brand of clothing and accessories for women and men, with its official inception in August of 2011.

Her main concept when she started Austria Gracey, The Brand – The Label, was to design and manufacture her clothing in the U.S.A. and this specifically applies to Seattle, WA. Distribution and growth was aimed at important markets throughout Asia and clearly with links in America and Europe then future possibilities are endless. After all, with such background experience at NEODANDI, BGN PARIS, and NORDSTORM, and with starting her modeling career in Tokyo, it is obvious that not only is Austria experienced within the fashion industry, but equally important is that she is truly multi-national and extremely creative.

The global economy is down worldwide but for many fashion companies they are still experiencing positive growth in major cities like Tokyo. This notably applies to top notch boutiques and given the exquisite nature of Austria’s fashion designs then this is extremely positive.

Austria is hoping to reinvigorate the fashion scene in Seattle and elsewhere in the U.S.A. and to show the world the inner-creativity of this dynamic fashion designer from America. Also, distributing her goods around Asia is near and dear to her heart because of her multi-ethnic background. Her mother is mixed Asian and her father is Irish-European.

The Tokyo and Japan angle is very fascinating because the majority of her childhood was spent in Japan and her modeling career began in Tokyo. Therefore, given the exquisite nature of her designs then clearly they would fit in well throughout high octane fashion districts in Tokyo and all major cities in Japan. In Tokyo the extravagant nature of fashion in Aoyama, Ebisu, Jiyugaoka, Ginza, Omotesando, Yurakucho, and other adorable areas, would certainly be enriched by the creativity and elegance of her designs.

Also, the beauty of Austria and her exquisite designs is that this lady is not only a fresh thinker and always looking at new angles, but her designs are also extremely versatile.  Therefore, they appeal to many different fashion trends. This means that her designs would be equally welcome in daring parts of Tokyo like Harajuku and Shibuya, and this is the beauty of this unique fashion designer.

The international nature of fashion in Japan whereby the crème de la crème of European, North American, and Japanese boutiques can be found, suits her background completely. Japan has always especially loved the American lifestyle and trends, with everything basically being on a larger scale and on a different level. This, along with the European angle, means that Austria is one step ahead because her fashion background and living in various international cities, means that her “mindset” suits all major cities internationally, irrespective of the continent.

Austria designs with fervid inspiration and extreme passion. She personally loves to test out her own designs, to wear what she created and see the emotional reaction of others. When she was ready to unveil her first dress that she sold, the Jeffrey Dress, in November 2011, she wore it to the Asian Hall of Fame Event and the Diamond Ball at Tracy Castle. After receiving many compliments, and through casual networking, she was able to make her first sale.

Whenever she wears her ensembles, there is a feel good factor and memories are created because of the stunning nature of her fashion designs. Austria also adores her favorite clothes and each special garment of hers is cherished because of the memories attached. Therefore, she understands the importance of fashion and the special feel it creates to the respective individual and this connection and passion can be felt in all her exquisite designs.

This means that Austria wants people to experience the same passion when they buy her lovely fashion designs. She wants her garments to inspire you to confidently feel and look your ultimate best. Likewise, live, laugh, and love passionately comes to mind when you think about her exquisite designs. This fascinating approach means that Austria always gives everything when creating a new design and immediately you can see and feel her passion.

She is NOT a one-note fashion designer. Austria envisions different looks, which are inspired by her mood and the way she would want to dress. Whether ruggedly casual, heroically athletic, rocker with a hint of S&M, bohemian-ethnic, ethereally cute, stealthily sophisticated, or glam goddess – all of these looks, designed and styled together, are always sexy and chic through her interpretation.

Without a shadow of a doubt this talented and creative fashion designer brings fresh sparkle and creativity. Therefore, the fashion brand Austria Gracey should continue to flourish and expand.!/AustriaGracey  – twitter account of Austria Gracey

Austria Gracey was the stunning model in photo one and photo three – this highlights the many dimensions of this multi-talented lady.

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