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Essential vibes (2): K-pop, hip-hop, Pakistan music, Swedish house, trance and UK

Essential vibes (2): K-pop, hip-hop, Pakistan music, Swedish house, trance and UK

Sarah Deschamps and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The global village is getting smaller but despite this the world is faced with countless problems, therefore, music is a welcome release and can be a force of good. After all, music can transcend political, economic, and religious barriers if given the opportunity. Therefore, this mix is meant to represent the global village but clearly not everyone will agree with the songs selected by the above writers at Modern Tokyo Times.

The first essential tune selected is “Someone Like You” by Adele who was born in London, England.  “Someone Like You” is a very powerful track and was internationally acclaimed. Adele is blessed with a lovely voice and she certainly connected with vast numbers of people with this fabulous track.

In the track by Adele it is clear that the lyrics will connect with many souls. During magic moments everything seems possible but for whatever reason it all falls apart but a grimace of hope remains until the final reality is realized. Therefore, without a shadow of doubt this is an essential track because “Someone Like You” hits the heart.

The next track selected is “Say What’s Real” by Drake who is a music artist of great skill because he “sounds real” without the “hype.” Therefore, the lyrics may be a million miles away from “Someone Like You” and harder hitting. However, despite this, the passion is the same and Drake is clearly highly talented.

It was difficult to choose either “Say What’s Real” or “Trust Issues” by Drake because both tracks are inspirational in many ways. Drake, just like Adele, for different reasons, can relate to individuals across the international spectrum. Therefore, Drake who was born in Canada is certainly making waves within the music industry.

In Northeast Asia and throughout the continent the rise of K-pop continues to flourish and gradually this music is impacting on the European, North American, and South American scene. Given this, it was essential to include a K-pop track in this mix and with so many talented artists to pick from the choice was extremely difficult.

However, in this essential mix the selection was “Milestone” by BoA because the lyrics are very beautiful and the track highlights the passion of a very talented individual. BoA is an iconic singer from the K-pop scene who clearly made a huge hit when she focused on the Japanese market during her early period. Therefore, it was great to hear BoA sing “Milestone” in Japan because this elegant lady from South Korea is truly international in outlook.

Turning back to the British music scene and the lovely track called “Come On” by Will Young. In this track you can feel a connection between the adult and memories of childhood. Not only this, the lyrics and backdrop all come together and while this singer reached the top the hard way, he fully deserves the acclaim of this stylish track.

The next track selected is a million miles away from Will Young but Laal who come from Pakistan is a special group. Their track called “Inqalab” is extremely potent and shows the real power of music. This applies to a powerful message which refuses to be silenced because some individuals use their talents for the good of others and this certainly applies to Laal.

Therefore, it is essential that Laal and other groups with powerful messages are heard. Another potent track by Laal applies to “Dehshatgardi Murdabad” (Death to Terrorism) which is focused on the hidden reality of modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan. This applies to the past deeds of CIA involvement and how these two societies were overwhelmed by a “hidden combination of dark forces.” Laal, uniquely, provide their deep message about the brutality of absolute capitalism and other important issues by fusing this with catchy lyrics and stylish musical beats.

In all mixes it is great to focus on a track which hit the heights many years ago therefore “Ghetto Gospel” by 2Pac was selected. This amazing track remains potent today because it shows the “soul of an individual who was a deep thinker.” The track selected features Elton John but the legend of 2Pac dominates because he left a rich legacy and highlighted aspects of America in “the raw.”

Moving to Sweden and the dance track “Penguin” by Avicii which did well throughout Europe. This dance track highlights the diversity of the European house scene because the nature of house music means it is easily transferable and not constrained by language. The future of Avicii looks extremely bright because Tim Bergling is only 22 and this individual should influence the European house scene for many years to come.

The final track is from Pobsky who hails from Greater Manchester in England. His trance track called “Dark Cloud” is full of vitality and throughout you have no weakness. If this track doesn’t get the pulse racing then trance/house isn’t for you.

In this essential mix number two by Modern Tokyo Times we have highlighted artists from America, Canada, Pakistan, South Korea, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Music means many things to many people but at its best it can reach the inner-soul and be a power for so much good. Adele Drake BoA Will Young Laal 2Pac featuring Elton John Avicii Pobsky Laal

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