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Pakistan Fashion and female designers with stunning styles: the Tokyo angle (Part Two)

Pakistan Fashion and female designers with stunning styles: the Tokyo angle (Part Two)

Umair Ahmed Siddiqui and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Urooj-ul-Qamar and brand name Urouge Qamar


Japanese and Pakistan fashion is very different and of course you will have various styles within both nations. However, the impact of modernization, international trends, global brands, and the role of mass communication and international networking, is impacting on the majority of nations throughout the world. Therefore, while cultural and religious differences may be very different on the whole between Japan and Pakistan, you do have similarities which cut across these differences.

Tokyo fashion


The role of “soft-power” is very important to Japan and this applies to anime, cosplay, J-pop, computer games, kawaii culture, fashion, and many other areas. On the other hand, the international community needs to focus on the dynamics of Pakistan and not just negative factors related to religious extremism. After all, Pakistan is very diverse and you have many fashion designers, musicians, writers, and other vital areas where the younger generation is reaching out internally and internationally.

In the article called Pakistan Fashion: women entrepreneurs, amazing styles and the Tokyo angle (part 1) the focus was on Sabeen Waqar, Maheen Waqar, and Kulsoom Rizvi. The two sisters have a brand company called “Jalebi” and clearly both Sabeen Waqar and Maheen Waqar have been blessed with many talents. Likewise, Kulsoom Rizvi who created the brand called “Kaaf” is equally blessed with amazing skills and her creativity is attracting people to her own unique style.

These three elegant ladies from Pakistan are highlighting the power of a new generation which is confident, international minded, and in the world of business they are showing their own individual styles. In this article the focus will be on Urooj-ul-Qamar and her brand Urouge Qamar because she is yet another lady from this nation who adores fashion and being creative.



Before focusing more on Urooj-ul-Qamar the attention will be briefly on Japan and the buzzing districts of Tokyo and Osaka. Like mentioned in the previous article it is hoped one day that fashion designers from Pakistan will also be visible in the huge fashion market of Japan. After all, fashion on the streets of Aoyama (Tokyo), Harajuku (Tokyo),Ikebukuro (Tokyo), Namba (Osaka), Omotesando (Tokyo), Shibuya (Tokyo), Umeda (Osaka), and throughout both cities, is a mixture of Japanese, European, and North America fashion. However, given the youthful nature of Kulsoom Rizvi, Sabeen Waqar, Maheen Waqar, and Urooj-ul-Qamar, it is hoped that these young fashion designers from Pakistan will impact internationally in the future because they have so much to offer the world of international fashion.



Also, the uniqueness of Kulsoom Rizvi, Sabeen Waqar, Maheen Waqar, and Urooj-ul-Qamar, and other modern designers from Pakistan, should be watched closely internationally because new ideas, fusions, different thinking, and creativity, is what makes the fashion industry fresh. Therefore, by focusing on the designs of all the above mentioned it is clear that their color schemes, styles, creativity, and individualism, shines through.



Urooj-ul-Qamar is a final year student of Textile Design in Karachi and studies in the Department of Visual Studies. Her focus is on art work and designing and both these talents can be seen in the brand company called Urouge Qamar. Also, like the fashion brand Jalebi, Urooj-ul-Qamar is another lady who focuses on recycling and this will go down well in Japan and throughout the world.

Urouge Qamar


Urooj-ul-Qamar commented that “I was very good with aesthetics from a very young age and my interests are in field of “Jewelry Making” with real stones.” This elegant and stylish lady continues by stating that “I was thinking about bringing some change to the typical jewelry women wear these days therefore I ended up making jewelry from wicker.” This style is complex and difficult to produce but the end result is amazing and shows the spirit and creativity of her fashion brand Urouge Qamar.

Urouge Qamar


Accessories are adored by ladies in Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, and throughout Japan. Therefore, Japanese ladies who shop in fashionable areas like Aoyama, Harajuku, and Umeda, and so many other fashion districts, would clearly adore the elegant and sophisticated designs of the fashion brand Urouge Qamar. This applies to clutch purses with fabulous color schemes and stunning jewelry which fits many different styles. It is therefore hoped that just like European and North American designers have impacted on fashion in Japan, that ideas emanating from stylish designers in Pakistan will also make a major impact in the future.

Japanese fashion


The handmade and innovative fashion accessories by the brand Urouge Qamar are extremely elegant and full of panache, just like the designer. Therefore, all the elegant designers mentioned in this article are showing a different side to Pakistan. This applies to being blessed with amazing young female fashion designers who are confident and ultra-modern in their thinking and styles.

Urouge Qamar


Urooj-ul-Qamar can be contacted at urooj.qamar@live.comand it is hoped that one day her designs will be seen on the streets of Osaka, Tokyo, London, New York, and other major cities throughout the world.

Fashion in Omotesando in Tokyo


Overall, each individual designer highlighted in this article is clearly articulate, sophisticated, and stylish. Therefore, because of their stunning designs and creativity, they are showing the vibrant nature of Pakistan. These young business ladies and designers augur well for the future of this nation because they all have something fresh to offer the international fashion community.

The ladies mentioned in this article can be contacted below:

Kulsoom Rizvi can be contacted at

Sabeen Waqar can be contacted at

Urooj-ul-Qamar can be contacted at   Part 1 – Read more about the other fashion designers mentioned in this article

Thanks to Ms. Zara for photography

Umair Ahmed Siddiqui runs his own design studio called “CARTEL Design Studio” and provides valued consultancy information to important domestic and international companies. Also, in publication & writing he is the Foreign Correspondent for the Korean Textile Newspaper ( where you can find his publication on every Thursday. Also, he is writing for a Korean Fashion Magazine called Fashion Clue.  Recently, he joined Modern Tokyo Timesand his knowledge is in high demand because of his unique vision.

Umair Ahmed Siddiqui

He can be contacted at and please check his website at


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