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Sendai Pageant of Starlight from Ari TV: images since the Tsunami of March 11

Sendai Pageant of Starlight from Ari TV: images since the Tsunami of March 11

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Ari TV is at the heart of Sendai and the “Sendai Pageant of Starlight” which is currently on show, is creating a lovely atmosphere and the event finishes late on December 31. Therefore, you have multitudes of stunning lights which re-awakens the “child” within and for children the scenery is magical and is a place where dreams are made.

If you click onto ( video by Ari TV then you can see that Sendai is glowing in the spirit of hope and joy. This image is especially powerful this year because of the potent tsunami which killed tens of thousands of people and destroyed so much of the infrastructure. However, the “Sendai Pageant of Starlight” is like Ari TV in many ways because it is based on joy, hope, and provides a fitting place to visit before the start of a new year.

This year is especially difficult for people throughout areas of Japan which were hit by the potent tsunami. Therefore, the lights in Sendai are bringing an extra glow this year and they are a clear reminder that this city, and other places which were badly hit, is fighting back and bracing itself for a new year.

If we step back, and turn back to the fateful day of March 11, 2011, then Ari TV continued to show “the real picture” of Sendai. The image below shows the shocking reality of March 11 which swept away so many people. Also, this image is a reminder of the deadly power of nature and how events can change quickly.

The following image below ( was entered on March 23 by Ari TV is an amazing image. This applies to the smiling faces of four young boys who are enjoying the simple pleasures of life despite the devastation that their eyes witnessed. This image by Ari TV is a million times more powerful than the daily news of famous international media outlets which dwelled on sadness and utter devastation.

In many ways, this is the philosophy of Ari TV because while everybody at this media outlet understands the utter devastation that took place and the grief and sadness which entailed – this company also understood the need for regeneration and fighting back against the adversity of nature which killed so many people.

This image was ( on March 18 and again Ari TV is highlighting the spirit of humanity. After all, all you can see is utter devastation but despite everything this gentleman is carrying a cat with complete care.

The following image ( on June 24 is a clear reminder that many people are still without proper homes and that Sendai and many other areas need massive financial support.

On September 10 ( have a stunning image of two young girls playing in the sea. In the background you have a lovely skyline and unlike the chaos of March 11, the sea is once more a place of pleasure. Therefore, this image is showing you the serene nature of the sea where children play and enjoy.

The next image ( on October 30 shows local people playing music. Also, they are dressed in costumes which show that continuity is in full flow. This once more signifies the power of the local community and that normality is essential despite all the problems that the region faces.

The next image ( is tinged with great sadness because local people and the Buddhist priest are praying for children who have died. Dolls and other toys have been hanged up and this image takes you back to the terrible suffering of March 11. This image was uploaded on November 12 and the power of this photo is clear for all to see because it is a grim reminder that so many children died.

Finally the last highlighted area of this article( Sendai is a video taken on December 9. In this video you see a Sendai at peace and lovely lights which highlight the positive nature of this city. However, Ari TV and local people know that many challenges are still to be faced but the spirit remains strong and growing.

It is essential that Ari TV is supported because Takayuki Sato (Tak) and everybody at Ari TV desire to help the local community. Therefore, Ari TV is a lifeline to many people in Sendai and Miyagi prefecture and advertisement, sponsorship, viewing, and helping this company grow in many other ways, is needed because Sendai suffered greatly and this city is very powerful in the region of Tohoku.

Turning back to the “Sendai Pageant of Starlight” then this is a great way for people in Japan to support the region by visiting this fantastic display. However, in the long-term, it is essential that local businesses are supported. The same applies to the local media which is very powerful within the community.

Therefore, stay tune to local events by clicking onto the website below and enjoy Ari TV which is reaching out to local people and showing a positive image to the international community. Ari TV

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