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Voice of Sendai: Ari-TV and huge fighting spirit after the Tsunami

Voice of Sendai: Ari-TV and huge fighting spirit after the Tsunami

James Jomo and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Ari-TV began operations before the devastating March 11 tsunami which killed so many people and destroyed much of the infrastructure of the Tohoku region along the coast. However, the thinking of Ari-TV before this tragic event was to focus on positive images about Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture and the Tohoku region. Therefore, despite the brutal reality of the March 11 tsunami, the online internet station called Ari-TV remains to be positive and wants to show the richness of this part of Japan.

If you enter this website then immediately you will see a tranquil video with mellow music in the background. Obviously, for non-Japanese individuals who can’t read this language then clearly you have some current limitations. However, if you go to the search engine then some areas can be translated and this helps greatly.

Ari-TV is fully interactive and (!/re_tohoku_enthis applies to Twitter and( whereby people can interact in Japanese and English. At Ari-TV they utilize technology therefore you have 33 different programs which provide a stream of many different links to enjoy.

If you like music then this link highlights the singer called Cherie (photo above) and you can feel the power of community based online TV by watching this. This applies to the natural environment and the approach and style of the interviewer. Therefore, this is the power of Ari-TV because this company can reach into the heart of Sendai and show the world via the internet.

The singer Cherie!/Cherie_JACK can be contacted at this twitter account because recently she released a new album. Therefore, from this elegant singer to highlighting fashion and beautiful local ladies, you have a nice uplifting feel about Ari-TV and this applies to any area related to Sendai which is newsworthy.

At this link you will see a stunning local lady highlighting fashion. This link is over one year old but the important connection is that this video and the new video highlighting Cherie ( news about her album), are about a vibrant spirit and the style is both natural and done with aplomb. Therefore, this fashion video relates naturally to “real people” and her elegance and style is highlighted by the natural flow of Ari-TV.

Also, recently this video highlighted a local artist and once more the style reaches people even without knowledge of the Japanese language. This applies to the warmth of the art, local people viewing the many paintings on display and again a nice flow at all times. Ari-TV, therefore, can reach “into the soul” of Sendai and highlight the natural passion of local people.

A lovely feature of Ari-TV is the Tohoku Revival Calendar because you can see pictures all year round. Also, sometimes a video may open on the day you clicked and this is a great feature. The images of events on and after March 11 show the nature of Sendai which was badly hit. Therefore, by following the calendar you can see tensions, stress, and sadness. However, this is followed by hope and “a rejuvenated spirit” and this is most welcoming.

Recently Ari-TV on December 4 highlighted Sendai Aoba Sweets and other people making scrumptious food. Like always Ari-TV makes everything seem natural and clearly this community based company deserves a wider appeal and funding to help this online and interactive company to grow.

Takayuki Sato (Tak) is instrumental in the growth of Ari-TV alongside other dedicated individuals who are highlighting the positives of Sendai and Miyagi prefecture.  Therefore, if you want to feel and know about the real spirit of an area which was hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami, then please visit Ari-TV. Ari TV

[Tohoku Revival Calendar]-Japanese version  – Please contact for more information.!/re_tohoku_en – Please contact for more information  Cherie and fanclub news

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