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Tokyo tourism: Kiyosumi Gardens and Fukagawa Edo Museum

Tokyo tourism: Kiyosumi Gardens and Fukagawa Edo Museum

Sarah Deschamps and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Tokyo is ultra-modern and the fashion scene is amazing throughout the capital of Japan. However, if you want to know more about Japanese culture and relax in a stunning garden then a visit to Kiyosumi Shirakawa via either the Toei Oedo Line or Hanzomon Line is most rewarding.

The stunning Kiyosumi Gardens is extremely beautiful and without a shadow of a doubt it is one of the most exquisite gardens in Tokyo. Therefore, irrespective if you are a Tokyoite or a tourist to this dynamic mega-city, you will certainly enjoy the magnificent layout and feel refreshed.

Kiyosumi Gardens is blessed with many stunning features and the autumn and spring periods are real treasures because the humidity of summer is over and the same applies to the pesky mosquitoes. This means that you can sit down and look at the exquisite surroundings, read a book, take photos, chat with friends or enjoy quality time by yourself.

The Iso-Watari section is a real treat because the stepping-stone pathways lead across the pond where it is shallow. For children, it is a time of fantastic pleasure because they can enjoy playful times and be connected with nature at its best. Also, for adults, the “child inside” comes flooding back when you walk on the stepping-stone pathways and at all times you will have opportunities to see fish in the pond.

Inside Kiyosumi Gardens you also have stylish buildings and this applies to the Ryotei building and Taisho Kinenkan. These buildings heighten the cultural aspects and ambience of Kiyosumi Gardens. Therefore, if you enjoy photography you can combine architecture and nature together and of course each angle provides a new image to treasure.

The fee to enter is only 150 yen for adults and clearly every yen is being used to maintain this stunning garden complex. Also, you will be given pamphlets in various languages in order to help non-Japanese people who can’t read this complex written language.

In truth, a visit to Kiyosumi Gardens is a must because the ethics of Japanese gardens is truly wonderful. Space, time and connecting nature with “the self” comes together naturally and while the inner vibe will depend on each individual, it is true to say that a natural change will happen within the psyche. This is because of tranquility and the exquisite nature of Kiyosumi Gardens.

Also, from a cultural point of view the entire area is rich and this applies to the Fukagawa Edo Museum, Basho Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art and the Morishita Culture Center.

Currently at the Fukagawa Edo Museum you have a stunning collection of ukiyo-e and this applies to Ando Hiroshige and Keisai Eisen. The exhibition will finish on November 27 (2011) and it is a real treat for lovers of ukiyo-e. Also, if you want to see a glimpse of old Edo then the permanent collection of the streets of Fukagawa-Saga Town of the Tempo Period (1830-1843) is a real treat.

Koto City in Tokyo highlights a different ultra-modern city by focusing on culture, art, haiku, music, history, and other rich traditions. Kiyosumi Gardens is a lovely central point to your visit and the different museums open up a new world and this applies to either tradition or the modern vibes of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

It is pleasing to know that haiku is being preserved at the Basho Museum and they are connecting this rich tradition to children in the modern world. Also, you have a famous Basho Haiku stone in Kiyosumi Gardens. 

Overall, a visit to Kiyosumi-Shirakawa is most rewarding and for Tokyoites, then “once bitten always smitten” and for tourists it is a great place to relax and soak up Japanese culture.  Kiyosumi Gardens  Koto City Fukagawa Edo Museum Basho Museum Museum of Contemporary Art  Morishita Culture Center



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