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K-pop and new mini-album called “Snow Pink” by A Pink: Japan awaits

K-pop and new mini-album called “Snow Pink” by A Pink: Japan awaits

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

A Pink will release a new mini album called “Snow Pink” on November 22 and it will be interesting to see how they have progressed. The group which hails from South Korea consists of Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Son Naeun, Jung Eunji, Hong Yookyung, Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung. They are relatively new to the music scene and under the wing of A Cube Entertainment which is a sister group of Cube Entertainment.

Obviously virtually all groups that are new to the scene take time to adjust and teething problems is only natural. Also, the majority of members of the group are extremely young and if A Pink has already caught your ear, it will be intriguing for all fans to see their future steps.

At the moment their fan base will be more limited to the younger generation but a few years down the line and you will witness major changes. The single “Please just let us love” was very catchy and showed great promise and I am sure that many people took notice.

The style of “Please just let us love” was interactive and you could feel the passion and unlike“I don’t know,” this single appealed to a broad spectrum of ages. Also, it highlighted huge potential and the innocence and confusion of youth but in all its natural beauty.

The track “Wishlist” was also delightful because you could see each individual and feel their warmth and cohesion. In truth, I am expecting a lot from A Pink because in the two tracks that I have mentioned, it is clear that they have elegance, poise, refinement and the glories of youth.

Also, while K-pop continues to catch the imagination in Tokyo, Osaka, and other major cities in Japan, and in other nations, it is hoped that new groups will create their own style and image. At the moment, this certainly applies to the fine tuning by A Cube Entertainment because these lovely young ladies already have a vibrant image based on passion and collectiveness.

Of course, in time individualism will develop more and more and I am sure that many new steps will be taken. This applies to reaching out to the Japanese market and much further afield while maintaining a firm base in South Korea.

The track “I don’t know” would certainly work a treat in the Japanese market but “Wishlist” provides a more international appeal and the same applies to“Please just let us love.”  The latter two tracks have a style which connects with people internationally and in time A Pink will interact more with the international side of their music.

Their fans are keenly awaiting the new mini-album “Snow Pink” and given past performances, I am sure that this will enhance their growing reputation. “Please just let us love” by A Pink “Wishlist” by A Pink “I don’ know” by A Pink Please visit (I am the co-owner) my personal blog about Tokyo, Japan and k-pop 

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