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Japan will send Ground Self-Defense Force to assist South Sudan

Japan will send Ground Self-Defense Force to assist South Sudan

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Japan announced that an engineering unit of the Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) will assist the new nation of South Sudan.  Therefore, the GSDF unit will assist the United Nations (U.N.) peacekeeping operations and help to build the infrastructure.

This will please all politicians in South Sudan because this new nation needs the support of the international community and Japan is amongst the elite when it comes to economic power.  Also, Japanese engineering units are highly respected after participating in U.N. peacekeeping operations in Cambodia, East Timor and Haiti respectively.

It is also hoped that this infrastructural support will lead to business ties developing between both nations. After all, it is vital that the international community invests in South Sudan and supports U.N. peacekeeping operations because the Khartoum government needs to understand that South Sudan is a viable nation state. Therefore, the government in Juba will welcome the announcement by the Japanese government to send 350 GSDF to South Sudan.

Also, the government of Japan is a clear friend of the U.N. and this is based on economic support and just like past projects it is vital that Japan shows its international obligation. 

In another article about this issue by Modern Tokyo Times called Japan may send Ground Self-Defense Force engineers to assist South Sudan it was stated that “In the past the Khartoum Arab-Islamic dominated regime was responsible for millions of Africans being killed in southern Sudan. At the same time the brutal Khartoum regime turned against African Muslims in Darfur.  The leadership in South Sudan is greatly influenced by the binding force of Christianity but all southern Sudanese are pulling together in political circles irrespective of religion. Animism also remains strong in South Sudan and this new nation state is multi-religious and multi-ethnic.”

“PM Noda will likely announce that GSDF will help the United Nations in South Sudan during his visit to New York this week.  If, like expected, PM Noda does announce this noble act then it will show the international community that Japan is serious about helping nations which badly need support.”

“Japan clearly needs to step up its effort internationally because the “quietist policy” of the past did not serve this nation. Historical constraints must be brushed aside because Japan is democratic and a responsible nation state which gives economic assistance to nations throughout the world.”

Therefore, the Japanese government under Prime Minister Noda is going in the right direction because the decision to send the GSDF will be received favorably throughout the international community.  Also, it is an important step because it is showing Africa that Japan cares and is willing to participate for the good of humanity.

Japan will also send a government and private company delegation to South Sudan and this move will be welcomed by political leaders in Juba. This will take place later this week and economic ties are needed because the new nation state faces many obstacles. please visit


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