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Tokyo Fashion in Shimokitazawa and a great place to visit

Tokyo Fashion in Shimokitazawa and a great place to visit

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Shimokitazawa is a lively part of Tokyo which comes under the Setagaya ward. It is very close to Shinjuku and you can easily connect to other trendy areas like Harajuku and Shibuya. However, in Shimokitazawa (Shimokita – locals often say) you have a more relaxed feel about the place because like other trendy areas which are smaller in scale, for example Jiyugaoka, you can feel a local vibe alongside the general buzz of the place.

Youth culture is vibrant because of independent fashion, fashion in general, live house music, theatrical performances, music outlets and many cafe bars to relax and meet friends or to enjoy your quality time by yourself.

Therefore, Shimokitazawa is a highly desirable place to reside and you have a nice mix of families, business people, students, single households and so forth. Also, the closeness to so many famous parts of Tokyo is an added perk and you are literally spoilt for choice.

In the backstreets of Shimokitazawa you will find many fashion outlets and also a nice mix of quality secondhand shops selling fashion, music, antiques and a host of other products. At the same time you can feel a nice atmosphere because of cafe bars and at night the ambience is very vibrant. However, despite the energetic feel of the place you don’t have the continuing rush of Harajuku and Shinjuku and this is an added bonus.

It is also nice to wander around this part of trendy Tokyo because you have many narrow alleyways which are inaccessible to cars and this makes your visit even more pleasurable. Also, the narrow alleyways are a treasure because you have so many different stores selling various products and often you will find a new fashion outlet that you bypassed before because of limited knowledge of the area.

UTA is a fashion resale shop and is popular alongside others like Mocha (12 minute walk from the main station), Haight and Ashbury, Lotty which sells vintage clothing, Banana Fish, Milla Biflora which sells used and vintage clothing, Little Trip To Heaven, and Carolina Glaser is a lovely shop which is popular for Mori girls and natural fashion.

These are just a selection of different styles of fashion shops and of course you have countless stores to visit like Cosmic Lounge, Blonde on Blonde, Bruce-Pee, Fig London, WEGO, Lanp, and far too many to mention. Therefore, if you like independent fashion, vintage clothing, natural fashion, secondhand clothing shops, punkish styles, Mori fashion, and a host of other styles, then Shimokitazawa is a place you should check out.



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