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K-pop: Kara reaches number 1 with Korean song in Japan on Recochoku Chart

K-pop: Kara reaches number 1 with Korean song in Japan on Recochoku Chart

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

According to Soompi which gives latest information about K-pop and Korean entertainment and is highly regarded (, Kara have reached number one with their Korean version of “Step” in Japan.  This applies to Japan’s Recochoku Chart and this not only shows you the popularity of Kara but it also highlights the growth of K-pop which is sweeping many nations.

Soompi states that “Topping this chart is extraordinary as the song is in Korean and has reached number one while competing against Japanese artists. The Korean market seems to be influencing others around it and this has proven to be noteworthy.”

This is further evidence that the youth of Asia are bypassing traditional norms which kept people divided based on past history or religion. After all, K-pop is extremely popular in Japan and Indonesia, and many other nations. 

Of course, cultural influences work both ways and Harajuku fashion and the fashion sector in Japan is widely respected internationally and in recent times major Japanese J-pop groups have ventured into China and other nations.  Therefore, K-pop is adding to a unique generation in Asia which is utilizing technology and with great marketing skills, and talent coming out of South Korea, you are seeing global interest into the K-pop boom.

Kara is one of the most liked groups in Japan because of catchy lyrics, stunning features, a powerful image of zest and control, great fashion sense, and the characters in the group appeal individually. 

In Japan their fans are eagerly awaiting their new single “Winter Magic” which should be released by the middle of October.  The title is appropriate because with the rays of sunshine weakening and dress styles changing, then people need some winter magic to reach them.

Therefore, I am sure that “Winter Magic” by Kara will just do the trick and maintain their high visibility.  Kara and other K-pop groups and soloists are showing another side of Korean culture which is reaching out internationally. Also, with the music market being so large in Japan it makes commercial sense to be visible in major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, and throughout Japan.

“Step” by Kara is very catchy and all members ooze energy, freedom, and passion and for this reason they are in high demand.

“Jumping” was another great success and the same applies to many other  tracks by Kara. Therefore, fans in South Korea, Japan, and internationally, are looking out for their next move. Tokyoites and music fans in the rest of Japan are keenly waiting for the release of “Winter Magic” because “Korean cool” continues to grow in Japan.  “Step” by Kara ”Jumping” by Kara “Go Go Summer” by Kara ”Honey” by Kara


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