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Vladimir Putin to stand for president: continuity followed by continuity

Vladimir Putin to stand for president: continuity followed by continuity

Joachim de Villiers and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The Russian Federation is no longer the weak nation which emerged under Boris Yeltsin and while Prime Minister Vladimir Putin may have distracters, this is outweighed by what he did and continues to do for this nation. Therefore, when it was announced that Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev would swap roles, providing both are elected, then the announcement surprised nobody.

It should be stated that differences do exist between Putin and Medvedev but these differences are not so dramatic when viewed collectively. Both politicians have the interest of the Russian Federation at heart and many nationals in this nation support their long-term objectives.

Obviously, just like in all societies, some opposition figures will be dismayed by this announcement because it seems like one long continuous control mechanism. Also, with parts of the Middle East and North Africa on fire it could be viewed to be a gamble given the economic uncertainty of many nations.

However, when all is said and done the electorate of the Russian Federation will determine the outcome of 2012.  Therefore, with Putin acting within the legal and political structures of the Russian Federation he is fully entitled to stand and seek re-election.

United Russia is a powerful political party within the body politics of the Russian Federation and Putin did so much to stabilize this nation in the field of economics, national security issues and restoring pride. If he is re-elected, and surely he will, then the next focus will be aimed at diversification of the economy; military reforms and modernization; social issues like the low birth rate and pension system; utilizing energy resources; and restoring the scientific base in order to further enhance a bright future for the citizens of this nation.

Putin commented that “I want to thank you for the positive reaction to the proposal for me to stand for Russian president……For me this is a great honor.”

Putin continued by stating that “I am certain that United Russia will win, and based on popular support, Dmitry Anatolyevich will be able to create a new, effective, young, energetic management team and head the government of the Russian Federation.”

Medvedev and Putin had clearly worked things out and both politicians understand the need for continuity and to further strengthen the nation.  Medvedev commented that “I think it would be correct for the congress to support the candidacy of the Party Chairman, Vladimir Putin, to the post of president of the country.”

Irrespective of what foreign opinion believes about this continuity at the heart of the Russian Federation, it appears to work because you no longer have a weakened nation which is threatened by hostile forces. The modern period under Putin and Medvedev is one of continuing strength and a nation which is independent and with firm long-term objectives.

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