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Typhoon Roke not so potent like Typhoon Talas: fewer deaths and devastation

Typhoon Roke not so potent like Typhoon Talas: fewer deaths and devastation

James Jomo and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Typhoon Roke hit Japan and while many reports were involved in scare mongering prior to the latest typhoon to hit Japan, it is clear that Typhoon Talas was much more devastating and potent.  This is not to undermine the chaos caused by Typhoon Roke but many agencies stated over 1 million to be evacuated and danger to Fukushima.

In Tokyo you had major disruptions to the transportation network and this notably applies to train services and airports which serve Tokyo and the surrounding region. However, unlike many reports, most of Japan was working and in Tokyo the vast majority of businesses remained open during the typhoon but some companies did allow people to go home early.

Today in Tokyo it is hot and sunny and it seems like a million miles away from yesterday. Therefore, it is business like usual and Tokyo is ticking to the usual normalcy and the transportation system is in working order.

Several people were killed by Typhoon Roke but the numbers are much less than Typhoon Talas which was extremely potent and caused untold damage to vast areas of the Kii Peninsula.  Therefore, many evacuation plans were cancelled when it was realized that the potency wouldn’t be so threatening like it was feared in many quarters.

Reports about the threat to the Daiichi nuclear plant in Fukushima were unfounded and the report by Modern Tokyo Times prior to Typhoon Roke was more realistic. This applies to focusing on areas which would be hit the hardest, for example Nagoya and the surrounding region, and ignoring the so-called threat to Fukushima which was based on alarmism.

In my article called Typhoon Roke to hit Japan: the ravages of nature once more I commented that “Typhoon Roke may trigger more floods and landslides in the Kii Peninsula after the devastating Typhoon Talas which killed many people and caused massive damage. Typhoon Talas hit the Kii Peninsula very hard and many were killed in Wakayama and Nara.  Apparently, Typhoon Roke will reach the island of Honshu on Wednesday and Nagoya and the surrounding region is expected to be hit hard.”

“Therefore, local authorities in Aichi and Gifu are preparing for the worse-case scenario and local residents have been warned.  Nagoya is also worried about the consequences of Typhoon Roke and called for the evacuation of Moriyama and Kita wards.” 

Once many areas understood that the worse-case scenario wasn’t going to happen the evacuation was cancelled. However, it was correct for all precautions to be taken and the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry did a good job of monitoring events and responding to areas which faced the most danger.

More details will emerge in the next 24 hours but the death toll and devastation is much lower than anticipated. Therefore, Japan can breathe more easily today and continue to focus on areas hit by Typhoon Talas.



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