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Victoria Centeno (Cosplay Girl) the Queen of Cosplay

Victoria Centeno (Cosplay Girl) the Queen of Cosplay

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Victoria Centeno is a cosplayer from America and this articulate young lady is clearly going places. Her looks are elegant, stylish and interactive and her charm is working wonders because Victoria is in demand. 

Axiom magazine named Victoria “The Queen of Cosplay” and she was also named the 28th “Most Famous American Cosplay Model” by and surely she will continue to rise.  Victoria was also highlighted by Entertainment Weekly in the article titled “Slave Leia: Some Assembly Required.”

The Slave Leia theme is certainly blossoming and Victoria with her stunning features, elegance and panache, became the official Slave Leia model for Gentle Giant studios. Japanese cosplay fans and international fans of Hatsune Miku would surely love to see Victoria in costumes showing this powerful image.

Victoria is also a model for the comic book “Terminal Alice” by Big City Comics and because of her versatility she can pull off countless numbers of different characters. Latina Magazine also featured Victoria and the same applies to being featured on Rolling Stone, MTV, Esquire, The Hollywood Reporter and G4TV.

Dark Horse Comics also recognized the sparkle and sultry looks of Victoria because she was Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a national advert for this company. Victoria is also a model for the Preston and Steve show and her interviews include Newsarama, Supergirl Forever, Major Spoilers and Impulse Gamer.

Victoria in her free time loves to study Ancient Egyptian history and her hobbies include doll collecting, writing, video games and meditation. Therefore, the lady who can play so many characters is also extremely articulate and her horizons are deep.

The meditation angle and love of ancient Egyptian history adds to her charm and sophistication. Therefore, in the cosplay world Victoria stands out and this is why she is in such demand.  Also, I hasten to add that images of Victoria posing like Cleopatra suit this sultry lady because of her sublime looks and mysterious nature.

Victoria told the Modern Tokyo Times that she loves cosplay because of its creativity and artistic nature.  She stated that “I enjoy breathing life into characters that I love and respect. Cosplay is a form of self and artistic expression. I love the process and being creative.”

This comment by Victoria sums her up well because clearly this cosplayer and model is not only charming and sophisticated, but more important, her passion and energy stands out.

In Japan many cosplay fans will hope to see Victoria in many Hatsune Miku poses because this image is extremely potent in the land of the rising sun.

Irrespective of the character that Victoria plays or if she turns to modeling more, the simple truth is that her fan base will be waiting and encouraging her. 

Victoria is a lady with passion in abundance and the lady of today will be extremely different from the individual who took her first steps into the cosplay world.  However, the passion that enabled her to take this path is firmly entrenched within her soul and her fan base will wish her every success in the future.  Victoria Centeno  Victoria Centeno 

All images provided by Victoria Centeno and please check her website for more information from this stunning cosplayer and model.  Her contact details is on her website.

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