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Dreaming about Chouzuki Maryou: my favorite ero-cosplayer to old erotic French images

Dreaming about Chouzuki Maryou: my favorite ero-cosplayer to old erotic French images

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Chouzuki Maryou is a gorgeous and full bodied ero-cosplayer and in a land where so many females are thin then her body and sexuality shines right through.  It is obvious in Japan that maid café, elements of cosplay, ero-cosplay, explicit manga, love hotels, and chican on trains and selling on video, that sexuality is everywhere and the sex trade is enormous and a growing sector. 

One only needs to look at young lady groups strutting around in thigh high boots and other sexy forms of style, to understand the reality of what sells.  Why not?  In my beloved France we have the Moulin Rouge and famous cancan dance and the history of this astounding place is so rich and even today La Goulue (Louise Weber – 1865-1929) remains a legend.

Therefore, I marvel at the natural beauty of Chouzuki Maryou because she is busty, natural and curvy. The fashion model type ladies on Japanese television and dancers at the Moulin Rouge often look so perfect and flexible in movement. However, what about more buxom ladies who don’t fill the bill in the glamour industry……is their beauty not wanted?

Cosplay is about escapism and dreaming about a different world but if you go to any major convention it is obvious that the sexual side is important.  With Chouzuki Maryou, she goes one step further because she is proud to be an adorable ero-cosplayer and to feel the sexual side of her nature.

Chouzuki Maryou says “I originally liked 18+ ero-doujinshi, so I’m trying to do something like that, but in the photographic medium – it’s great fun!”

It is apparent that Chouzuki Maryou is happy and proud of what she does and her radiant smile is evidence of this and clearly she is in control of her destiny.  Her photo shoots and dress style is very far from the Moulin Rouge but sexuality links them but in different ways.

If anything, the old photos of naked French ladies which are exhibited in art museums relate to Chouzuki Maryou.  This applies to innocence despite the sexuality of old naked images of French ladies and the photo shoots of Chouzuki Maryou.

Of course, you have much hypocrisy in the world because if a famous artist of the past painted a naked lady it was deemed to be culture and art. Therefore, I see the artistic nature of Chouzuki Maryou and old images of French ladies who seem so delectable and pure.

Chouzuki Maryou may not be your usual sexual pin-up but her natural body, within the slimness of the majority of Tokyo ladies, stands out. Also, her buxom figure and ero-cosplay images show innocence despite the subject matter being based on sexuality.

The old sexual photos of France are the same because despite the subject matter you have a gracefulness about the images.  Maybe it is nostalgia and this could also be the connection with Chouzuki Maryou because in Japan it is easy to have nostalgia for buxom ladies because you don’t see so many.

Irrespective of the reason, dreaming about Chouzuki Maryou and old Paris is not so bad because in both I can escape.  In this sense, maybe the real cosplayer is my mind?


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