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Essential vibes (1): house/trance and hip-hop mix to get you chill-in

Essential vibes (1): house/trance and hip-hop mix to get you chill-in

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Music transcends barriers and can uplift the soul or can be a gateway to new ideas, having fun, filling moments of isolation or just about anything you desire it to be.  Therefore, different writers at Modern Tokyo Times will highlight tracks that offer something but of course the appeal will depend on each individual but why not check them out?

The first track from the mix is a trance track by Altima. It starts so powerful but then mellows out into an almost classical feel and you can feel the passion. Altima and the track Symphony of Light (Sound Quelle Remix) certainly reaches deep inside and a lovely sound.

Moving from trance to the world of hip-hop is not so easy but Royce Da 5’9 Feat and Writers Block featuring Eminem is worthy of the change.  Eminem, pure genius at times and Royce Da 5’9 work well together.  The track Writers Block is potent and pure energy and a little feel of old school adds to the spice.  This is one hell of sound and pure power with lyrics which come from the tongue so naturally and a must buy for anyone who likes this style of music.

Narayana and the track Cyanide Tears is what makes trance so inspirational because you can visualize many worlds while listening to this.  Narayana got this track to a T and it makes you enter a new zone.  No weakness through the entire track and for those trance people in this world then well worth the check and much more.

Turning to the vibe that was selected recently then Rebelstar Shyne and the track Big Bad A is buzzing. The lyrics have real energy and so much covered in one track.  Amazing lyrics, great sound and first heard on ShakaMedia ( and for any hip-hop lovers then Rebelstar Shyne and his track Big Bad A should be on your list because it is a real gem.

Drake and Get Over It is a mild hip-hop track sound-wise but full of words which relate to emotional issues but from the position of strength.  A message which relates to the challenges of life, but within the prism of music and catchy to boot….a nice sound!  

This mix will end on a trance note and Bobina feat Betsie Larkin and You Belong To Me is pure class and lovely lyrics.  It is yet another stunning trance track which reaches the soul and the lyrics “You fill my empty room with starlight. How do I find the words to make you stay?” is pure poetry within trance. 

I’ve only been alone without you
The rest was just a game
(It’s so far away)
You fill my empty room with starlight
How do I find the words to make you stay?

And here inside I’ll never change
We can last forever
Please stay

You belong to me
Inside my love you’ll always be
You belong to me
And only you can set me free

This is the first mix by Modern Tokyo Times but certainly not the last.  Keep on chill-in and check out the music tracks. Royce Da 5’9 Feat and Writers Block featuring Eminem Bobina feat Betsie Larkin – You Belong To Me – Rebelstar Shyne – Big Bad A Drake – Get Over It Narayana – Cyanide Tears Altima – Symphony Of Light (Sound Quelle Remix) – Rebelstar Shyne – Big Bad A   – ShakaMedia(please check)

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