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Rebelstar Shyne: Big Bad A is a A-1 hip-hop song – contrasts America & Japan

Rebelstar Shyne: Big Bad A is a A-1 hip-hop song – contrasts America & Japan

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

My background is house/trance/classical music but sometimes a fresh sound really hits the ear and wow, the tune just stays with you.  This certainly applies to Big Bad A by Rebelstar Shyne. 

This music track took me back to the classic Grandmaster Flash song called “The Message.”  No, this does not apply to the sound but the originality because “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash reached out to many different audiences and even now it is really powerful and unique.

Rebelstar Shyne with “Big Bad A” is doing the same with this track because it can crossover and appeal to people irrespective of preferred tastes.  I first heard this tune on ShakaMedia ( which is online radio and based in Japan.  

The lyrics by Rebelstar Shyne on this track are profound and he digs at the soul of America and like all great artists he says it like he believes. Therefore, if you haven’t heard about this talented individual then check the soundtrack at the bottom of this article.

Rebelstar Shyne sings “Big bad America, where blacks kill blacks. I was living in Japan I didn’t have to worry about that.” Throughout the track catchy lyrics blend with real words of meaning and irrespective of his experience in Japan, it is clear that at least he doesn’t have to worry about random violence or a nation which is fragmented.

The record track highlights the harsh reality of ethnic issues, crime, poverty and a host of other ills in America. All these powerful statements are fused with a catchy tune and a person who seems in control.

A classic track which reaches out to people who have different music tastes.

Also, check out ShakaMedia for latest vibes. – Rebelstar Shyne – Big Bad A – Grandmaster Flash – The Message – ShakaMedia (please check)



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