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New Blade Runner film announced: difficult to surpass the original

New Blade Runner film announced: difficult to surpass the original

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The original Blade Runner became a cult movie and today its power remains because the storyline had no weakness and each individual slotted in perfectly.  Indeed, Harrison Ford was at the height of his power but despite this Rutger Oelsen Hauer also shone brightly and he spoke the words which made the film such a classic.

Sir Ridley Scott announced that he will work on a new film of the cult classic which was made in 1982.  Alcon Entertainment said the new Blade Runner will be either a prequel or sequel.

It seems most likely that Harrison Ford will not be in the new film which will begin in 2013 and ready for viewing in 2014. However, the casting is still unknown and while Sir Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford did not see eye to eye many years ago, they now have a good relationship.  Therefore, until the final announcement of the cast is made you just never know but currently it seems most unlikely.

Yet how can the new prequel or sequel surpass the original Blade Runner?  It must be stated that Blade Runner was not a box office hit but the film grew into something bigger and became a cult film.


Rutger Oelsen Hauer, who played the main replicant, states near the end of the film that “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) had been ordered to “retire” replicants and despite being hesitant to do so he was forced into a corner.  However, once he searched for the missing replicants he had no qualms about “retiring” them.

The scene where Roy Batty (Rutger Oelsen Hauer) comments that “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe” is extremely powerful. Rick Deckard had already killed the other replicants and the rage of Roy Batty after the death of Pris was uncontrollable at first.

Roy Batty grabs the arm of Rick Deckard after punching through the wall and he breaks two fingers of Rick Deckard which represents the lives of Pris and Zhora. Roy Batty then does a blade runner on Rick Deckard by giving him time to run before searching him out and killing him.

After tormenting Rick Deckard and with his failure to land properly after jumping from the roof, it appears that his clutch will soon fail him. The rain soaked girder is weak and the same can be said of Rick Deckard’s grip.  However, just when it seems that he will fall Roy Batty grabs his arm and lifts him to the top of the roof.

Roy Batty knows full well that his lifespan is near the end but he still can kill Rick Deckard.  However, at the moment of truth, between humanity and the replicant world, Roy Batty decides on expressing everything which he witnessed and came to feel.

The outcome is that he defeats the world of Rick Deckard physically, spiritually, and through philosophy.  Roy Batty then dies in front of Rick Deckard and he looks in awe of him.

The twist between Rick Deckard and Rachel (Sean Young) further blurs the line between humans and replicants.  Therefore, at the end you see Rick Deckard and Rachel escaping to either a new world or a life based on fear because they may be hunted down. 

However, prior to this Gaff (Edward James Olmos) could have killed Rachel because his trademark origami was in the room near where she was sleeping. Gaff shouted over Rick Deckard by stating “It’s too bad she won’t live but then again, who does?”

Therefore, the most potent comments from the film are not made by Rick Deckard and this further increases the cult standing of Blade Runner.


The producer, Andrew Kosove, states that “Everything Ridley does as a filmmaker is fresh. I believe he sees an opportunity to create something that’s wholly original from the first Blade Runner.”

Therefore, the emphasis is being put on something wholly original and while Andrew Kosove does not speak for Sir Ridley Scott, he also hinted that he doesn’t see a role for Harrison Ford.

It will be interesting to see how the new film will connect with the original Blade Runner.  After all, some strong connections with the 1982 Blade Runner film will have to be maintained despite the new film being wholly original according to Andrew Kosove.

The last Harry Potter film began like a house on fire and was extremely good to watch but the last 30 minutes were disappointing because it was too difficult to end the entire series.  Therefore, you are left wondering if Harry Potter is really over or if the next generation will emerge or if a future Harry Potter will sometimes return during dark days.

If Harry Potter does not return and the last ending was the last, then it was certainly a damp squib ending for a series of films which gave so much pleasure to many people.  The new Blade Runner film may also open up new questions and either the film will be too different from the original or it will open up new questions that are not needed.

The last Harry Potter film seemed rushed and very wishy-washy for a series which showed young children maturing into adulthood. The original Blade Runner ended powerfully and left the final ending to the viewer.

It is difficult to imagine what can be enhanced to Blade Runner and how the new film can connect with the original.  However, Sir Ridley Scott is extremely creative and it is hoped that he can resolve this complex reality because it appears that the original Blade Runner had everything.

Time will tell and despite my reluctance of a new Blade Runner film I look forward with bated breath to see the new film because the original Blade Runner was a classic.  Yet, at the back of my mind I have nagging doubts about how this new production can enhance the original. (Harrison Ford) (please visit)

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