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PGA Championship: Ryo Ishikawa and Tiger Woods play terrible on day one

PGA Championship: Ryo Ishikawa and Tiger Woods play terrible on day one

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The PGA Championship on day one for Ryo Ishikawa and Tiger Woods was a day to forget.  All the good work done by Ryo Ishikawa last week seemed like a dream and the 80 he shot in the British Open this year appeared mild in comparison with the 85 he shot today.  Therefore, Ryo Ishikawa’s topsy-turvy season continues and while he is good enough to challenge the elite he does lack consistency and this aspect of his golf needs to be remedied.

Tiger Woods also played terrible and he shot 77 and clearly something is amiss with his game at the moment and it is not just about carrying injuries or family related issues.  The Tiger Woods of old was very different and he needs to refocus and clear his mind of everything and play to his strengths. This especially applies to punishing par 5’s which were easy for him in the past.

Who would have guessed that Ryo Ishikawa would finish 15 over on day one and that Tiger Woods would finish on 7 over? However, we all know that in sport that anything is possible and sadly this was a day of disaster for both players.

Ryo Ishikawa commented after putting six shots into the water that “I think this is probably the first time I hit so many in the water” and with his score so high he just “stopped counting.”

In truth, the last 7 days sum up Ryo Ishikawa’s season because many high points have been followed by low points.  These low points include shooting 80, 83 and 85 this year and clearly something is wrong with his game when it applies to consistency. 

Ryo Ishikawa also stated through an interpreter that “It was my technique that was the culprit” but on an optimistic note he said that “The last five holes I felt my swing came back……For tomorrow, I’d like to get that swing and have a good 18 holes.”

Adam Scott who won the Bridgestone Invitational last week commented that “When things start going the wrong way on a course like this, you can’t hide……It was a tough day for him because I’m sure he would’ve been feeling good after last week.”

Tiger Woods was clearly livid by the way he played because at one point he was -3 and playing really well and the next minute his round just fell apart.  He stated that “I was 3 under early, and I said, you know what, every shot I hit up to that point were all mechanical thoughts, I put the club in a certain position, and I was doing that and I said, you know what, I’m feeling good. Let’s just let it go. And it cost me the whole round.”

Tiger Woods continued by saying “I’m really angry right now. So there are a lot of words I could use beyond that.” In fairness, he did not hide and instead gave a frank opinion of how he played and was honest about his feelings.

Other major news from day one is that Steve Stricker played flawless golf and finished -7 on day one and Jerry Kelly finished -5. Therefore, both players will rest well tonight.

However, Rory McIlroy may have to pull out because of an injured wrist and he is doing well to be level par after 15 holes (play is still going on). On a brighter note the young 18 year old star from Italy, Matteo Manassero, finished -2.

Ryo Ishikawa and Tiger Woods have much to ponder after day one and fans of both players will be dumbfounded by how they played.

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