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Ryo Ishikawa went down fighting: victory goes to Adam Scott

Ryo Ishikawa went down fighting: victory goes to Adam Scott

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Ryo Ishikawa came of age during the Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament because for the first time he challenged all the way.  The greatest players in the world were on show and the swagger of youth emerged on the American golfing scene and now the world knows that Ryo Ishikawa at such a tender age belongs to the elite of golf.

Adam Scott from Australia played magnificently and nobody will begrudge him from lifting the Bridgestone Invitational trophy. Obviously, like the vast majority of individuals who reside in Japan and who follow golf, I had hoped that Ryo Ishikawa would have emerged victorious but Adam Scott played superb.

Therefore, full credit to Adam Scott because the leaderboard was compact and any weakness would have told but he didn’t flinch and just kept on pounding stunning shots. This eventually materialized into three quick birdies from the tenth to fourteenth hole and this changed everything because now Ryo Ishikawa and other players had to chase the leader.

Rickie Fowler, Luke Donald, Jason Day, Kim Kyung-tae, Zach Johnson and Rory McIlroy all played very well in the final round but Keegan Bradley couldn’t maintain his momentum into the final round.  Lee Westwood also had a stunning final round but he was too far back before the start of round four. However, Lee Westwood will be very pleased by how he finished the tournament and the same applies to Luke Donald who is at the top of his game.

Ryo Ishikawa had been the joint leader at one point but the three quick fire birdies by Adam Scott between the tenth and fourteenth must have took its toll on Ryo Ishikawa.  After all, his dream of winning for the first time in America was all but over by the 15th unless Adam Scott wilted late on, and somehow Ryo Ishikawa could find a few birdies.

However, it was never likely to happen because Adam Scott looked like the Adam Scott of the past.  It must be remembered that Adam Scott was ranked number three in the world in early 2007 and clearly he knows how to win because the latest victory means number eight in America for the 31 year old Australian. 

Also, with such a great caddy joining Adam Scott then this must have been a big advantage because Steve Williams is the crème de la crème for caddying.  Steve Williams who did so much for Tiger Woods is already working his magic with Adam Scott and the new partnership must be sky high with the way Adam Scott played.

Ryo Ishikawa stated after round three that “I think it’s a little too early to think about winning this whole thing as of now…..But I do feel that I was able to play at a pretty good level, pretty high level today. Actually I am a little bit surprised of how I performed out there.”

Therefore, when round four began it was intriguing to see how Ryo Ishikawa would respond to all the pressure after all he could have wilted and fell back.  However, the young Ryo Ishikawa gave it his best shot and he handled the pressure with grace and a calm determination that makes him such a valuable asset in the world of golf.

The final victory went to Adam Scott who played fantastic and with Steve Williams backing him up then maybe this is the start of another great partnership, after Tiger Woods decided he needed a fresh break.

However, for Ryo Ishikawa the Bridgestone Invitational is the start of a great future because now the world knows that he belongs to the elite. More important, with this experience behind him then he can no longer have any self-doubts because he played amazing golf and answered all the questions that were asked of him.

Ryo Ishikawa is now firmly on the international scene and with Rory McIlroy playing so well again and other young players like Rickie Fowler, Jason Day and Kim Kyung-tae having a great tournament.  Then the old guard of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson need to up their game and rekindle past magic.

Yet for Japanese golf it is all about Ryo Ishikawa and he did himself proud.

Final Result 

Adam Scott – 17

Luke Donald -13

Rickie Fowler -13

Ryo Ishikawa -12

Jason Day -12

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