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Odaiba in Tokyo: Entertainment, fashion, romance and Rainbow Bridge

Odaiba in Tokyo: Entertainment, fashion, romance and Rainbow Bridge

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Odaiba is a major tourist area in Tokyo and the beauty of this place is that you feel that you are visiting a different Tokyo because of the beach, walkways, Statue of Liberty, and the colorful boats which light up the see at night.  Therefore, while Odaiba is full of life during the day it is also true that the atmosphere changes at night because of the stunning views of Rainbow Bridge at night. 

Odaiba is also a great place for romance because at night you will see many romantic couples walking hand in hand and you will often see people smooching near the beach area or on the beach.

This does not mean that singles or groups of friends can’t enjoy the atmosphere because you certainly can and I like to visit by myself and just sit down and listen to house and trance music; while enjoying the relaxing aspect of Odaiba and the amazing view at night.

The boom time for Odaiba began in the mid-1990s and since then the amount of tourists visiting keeps on growing and it certainly adds to your stay in Tokyo.  This applies to the relaxing nature of Odaiba and the modern reality of the infrastructure.

It is also awash with fashion shops, restaurants, and you have plenty of entertainment on offer.  Also, Odaiba is blessed with stunning modern architecture and new developments are ongoing and they will add to the growing strength of Odaiba.

Odaiba is a man-made island which was built in Tokyo Bay and major landfills have taken place.  At first the new designs for Odaiba did not really materialize because development was slow and patchy.  Added to this, the “bubble economy” did not help but by the middle of the 1990s it became clear that Odaiba was gradually changing for the better after several hotels and shopping malls began to appear and an elevated train line was opened.

The development of Fuji TV Building, Tokyo Big Sight, Telecom Center, and other futuristic buildings, all helped to create a new Odaiba.  Each new lavish development complimented Odaiba and by the end of the 1990s it was clear that tourism would begin to take off.

The pulling power of Fuji TV Building is based on this company being one of the biggest private television stations in Japan.  The architecture of the building also stands out and many people enjoy the observatory deck and the exhibits on show.

Decks Tokyo Beach and Aquacity Odaiba are shopping malls and you have many lovely boutique companies, restaurants, cafes, and various different types of stores to visit.  In Aquacity Odaiba you also have a major cinema complex which houses thirteen screens and the wooden decks provide stunning views of Rainbow Bridge.

Therefore, many females who love fashion will also enjoy Odaiba because you have many stylish boutiques to visit and of course you have male fashion on show. Venus Fort also adds to the fashion element of Odaiba because you have many boutiques and the ambience of the architecture is very relaxing and adds to the richness of this part of Tokyo.  

The jewel in the crown for Odaiba is Rainbow Bridge because the design is easy on the eye and looks amazing at all times.  However, the night time view is clearly the best time to feel the power of this bridge and it adds to the romantic feel of Odaiba at night. 

Major tourist attractions also apply to the Telecom Center Area; Museum of Maritime Science; National Museum of Emerging Science; Leisureland; Toyota Mega Web; Ferris Wheel; Oedo Onsen Monogatari; Panasonic Center; and Tokyo Big Sight is a huge exhibition and convention center and the architecture is extremely bold.

Overall, irrespective if you are a Tokyoite or a tourist it is abundantly clear that Odaiba is a great place to relax because you have so many options available. – please visit

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