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Tokyo Fashion: Daikanyama fashion is vibrant and trendy

Tokyo Fashion: Daikanyama fashion is vibrant and trendy

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Tokyo fashion is amazing and you have so many great places for fashion and Daikanyama is certainly one of the best places for fashion in this buzzing city. Therefore, while Ginza, Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku are familiar names in Europe it soon becomes apparent that you have other major places for fashion once you visit Tokyo. This certainly applies to Aoyama, Daikanyama, Ebisu and Omotesando which are all exquisite places for fashion and Jiyugaoka is also quaint.

Of course, major fashion companies within Japan and famous international brands will know about Aoyama, Omotesando, and other places where fashion is valued highly.  However, for lay people then these names are not so well known outside of Japan but they certainly should be.

Also, you have other districts which are buzzing and fashion is very powerful in Ikebukuro and the Lumine store with shops like SmackyGlam is a great place to visit.  Similarly, the Ueno district of Tokyo is buzzing and this applies to both street fashion and in more recent times more upmarket fashion department stores have opened up for business in Ueno.

Daikanyama and the “European fashion district” is yet another piece in the jigsaw of diverse fashion districts in Tokyo. Therefore, fashion lovers are spoilt for choice and each environment tells its own story because of different fashion, age groups, trends and architecture.

In Daikanyama it soon becomes apparent that people in their mid-20s to mid-30s are well catered for but of course you will have people from different age groups who also visit but this appears to be the core age range.

Fashion is in abundance and shops like Evisu, Silas and Maria, Hollywood Ranch Market, Loveless, Via Bus Stop, Hemisphere, Actus, Alfredo Bannister, AS, Tsumori Chisato, APC and a host of others like Arigato, can be found in this buzzing and trendy part of Tokyo.

Daikanyama is situated near Ebisu and Shibuya but despite this the area is distinctive and it is a great place to relax, shop for fashion and enjoy a splendid meal.  (Good images for fashion in Daikanyama) (please visit)

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