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Jiyugaoka in Tokyo: leafy suburb, fashionable, and a relaxing environment

Jiyugaoka in Tokyo: leafy suburb, fashionable, and a relaxing environment

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Amongst many Tokyoites it is apparent that Jiyugaoka is highly recommended for being a great place to reside.  The same applies to relaxing in the environment of Jiyugaoka because the atmosphere is serene and the fashion on display is very elegant and refined.

Jiyugaoka is great for shopping and you have around 1,000 shops located in this part of Tokyo.  The fashion scene is rather sophisticated and many students and young adults are attracted to this plush area.

Also, if you like refined food and enjoy sweets then you have a great selection on offer and the relaxing environment adds to your pleasure. The “Jiyugaoka Roll Ya” cake shop is also extremely well known and the same applies to Dalloyau which is highly liked because of the delicious Gateau Opera and other scrumptious cakes. 

Sweets Forest also provides a wealth of choice because you have many dessert shops and Kosoan is a nice place to visit and enjoy afternoon tea because the Japanese garden adds to the occasion.

Alongside the stylish fashion boutiques you are spoilt for choice if beauty and care is an important priority.  This applies to Jiyugaoka providing many outlets which cater for beauty and you have many top notch hair salons, massage places, nail salons, esthetic salons and other shops related to beauty and health.

Shops like Beach Walk and Jumpin’ Kiki also remind you that Jiyugaoka is a family town alongside the trendy nature and relaxing atmosphere.  This adds to the environment because Jiyugaoka is far from the madding crowd. However, Jiyugaoka is still amply busy enough and elegantly placed to attract visitors and people who want to reside in this plush part of Tokyo providing you have the resources to stay.

Another added bonus in Jiyugaoka is that you have nice cafes and bars whereby you can sit outside in the fresh air and enjoy watching people passing you by.  This is a very big plus because sadly this factor is often neglected in many parts of Tokyo.

Overall, Jiyugaoka is an exquisite part of Tokyo and a desirable place to reside because of the ambient feel and many shops have their own distinctive feel.   

Also, irrespective if you are a Tokyoite or a visitor to Tokyo then this part of Tokyo is well worth visiting and making the most of the elegant fashion, café bars, cake shops, restaurants, and other quaint shops that are based in Jiyugaoka. (please visit)


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