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UN and France: do they want the head of Laurent Gbagbo in the Ivory Coast?

UN and France: do they want the head of Laurent Gbagbo in the Ivory Coast?

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Violence in the Ivory Coast

Violence in the Ivory Coast

The United Nations (UN) and France are clearly taking sides in the conflict in the Ivory Coast. This comes despite the massacre of 800 to 1,000 Christians in Duekoue who were killed by the mainly Muslim led forces of Alassane Ouattara. However, despite this massacre the UN and France appear to care little and instead they bombed military units who are loyal to Laurent Gbagbo.

It is apparent that when massacres or a military attack is taken against forces who are loyal to Laurent Gbabgo; that the UN and France welcome this and even help during the bombardments and attacks.  However, when military attacks take place against military forces which are loyal to Alassane Ouattara, then fresh UN and French attacks are unleashed in order to support Alassane Ouattara.

When it appeared that Laurent Gbagbo was going to be captured the UN and France did nothing and clearly the threat of him being murdered does not worry the outside world.  After all, if the UN and France are so concerned about peace or reducing the conflict; then why are they taking sides and ignoring massacres and abuses by fighters who support Alassane Ouattara?

It is strange that Arab Muslim elites killed millions of mainly African Christians and African Animists in southern Sudan in the past. However, I do not recall the UN and France doing anything about this and the conflict in Rwanda was meant to be a watershed.  Despite this, it is clear that nothing was learnt because Darfur is a reality and African Muslims in Sudan are not Arab enough for the Arab elites in Khartoum.

Therefore, is Laurent Gbagbo deemed to be a more dangerous leader in the Ivory Coast?  If so, how did the UN and France come to this conclusion so quickly?

I know that Myanmar is very far away and clearly the persecution of the Karen and other minorities is not of much interest because the Karen have been fighting and resisting the military rulers of this nation for decade after decade.

Also, does anyone remember the Kurds in Turkey because thousands of Kurdish villages were destroyed in the past; and around 30,000 Kurds were killed and a low intensity conflict continues.

The same Turkey also invaded northern Cyprus and Orthodox Christians were cleansed by the armed forces of Turkey and churches were either converted into mosques or left to rot. 

However, Turkey is a member of NATO therefore this nation can act without a care in the world and the pick and mix of which nation or side in a conflict gets bombed all depends on various self interests.

Therefore, the occupation of northern Cyprus continues and just like Bosnia and Kosovo, the United States, and other powers, supported the Muslim side against Orthodox Christians in all three conflicts.

Yet turning back to the Ivory Coast then what is the real agenda?  Is Laurent Gbagbo so much worse than Alassane Ouattara?  Also, can the UN and France claim that Laurent Gbagbo is more militaristic than the leaders in Khartoum in Sudan?

If the UN is so concerned about the plight of civilians then why not get involved in Somalia or is it ok for the Al-Shabaab to slaughter all converts from Islam to Christianity and to terrorize the populace via Islamic Sharia law?

This is the problem; it is difficult to believe that the current one-sided agenda of the UN, France, and the statements made by President Obama, are based on impartiality because it appears that France is using the current crisis in order to boost their own self interests. 

Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, stated that“The UN peacekeepers and supporting French forces in Ivory Coast have started military action taking the side of Ouattara, carrying out air strikes on the positions held by supporters of Gbagbo. We’re now looking into the legality of this situation because the peacekeepers were authorized to remain neutral — nothing more.”

The current sight of the UN and France bombing forces loyal to Laurent Gbagbo is not warranted because violence is being used by all sides and the conflict and political situation is complex.

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