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350 People Feared Dead after Earthquake and Tsunami hits Japan

350 People Feared Dead after Earthquake and Tsunami hits Japan

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times 

8.9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami hits Japan
Earthquake and tsunami hits Japan


Japan is reeling after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit parts of Japan and clearly Miyagi prefecture felt the brunt of this powerful earthquake.  Many parts of Japan felt the strength of this earthquake and in central Tokyo I could visibly see the power and felt the magnitude of events because I could see Yurakcho train station shaking and felt the earth beckoning death and mayhem. 

Tokyoites were lucky because the real nightmare was visited on Miyagi prefecture and reports state that between 200 and 300 bodies could be seen in parts of Sendai which is within Miyagi prefecture.  Clearly the death total of 350 looks set to rise and while I am writing now several aftershocks can be felt and just like events in Christchurch in New Zealand, more glum news awaits the people of Japan.

According to reports the 8.9-magnitude earthquake is the most powerful to ever hit Japan since records began to be made and the tsunami which was triggered by events merely added to the devastation

The city of Tokyo felt the enormous power of the earthquake and for seven hours the train system was suspended.  However, true to the nature of Tokyo and the mechanisms in place then shortly before 10pm the metro system in many parts began to work again and this applies to the Mita Line and many others.

Pandemonium erupted for some people in Yurakcho when the train station was visibly shaking and some people were crying and clearly scared.  I saw several middle aged ladies crying and running in panic in order to leave the book store which is opposite the JR Yurakcho train station in central Tokyo.

However, once the main tremor had finished and the aftershocks were reducing in power then order returned quickly and most people were either sitting around in train stations or people began to walk home or look for taxis.  

In the main JR Tokyo train station you could see families eating food inside and a multitude of people were just calmly reading or eating a little. 

I myself waited inside the Tokyo International Forum because being in Tokyo then I understand clearly that you have state of the art technology and this building is a prime building in the Yurakcho and Marunouchi area.  Therefore, once I was inside I felt safe because Japan spends lavish sums on trying to protect the people of Japan and for migrants like myself.

If the same 8.9-magnitude earthquake had hit parts of America, China, India, Italy, or wherever, then clearly the death total would be dramatically higher.  This is not to downplay the hundreds of people who have been killed but it is thanks to the successive governments of Japan that they have developed unique buildings which can withstand such powerful earthquakes.

At the moment it is clear that events remain sketchy and sadly the death total looks set to rise and now tremors have begun once more, therefore, events are still ongoing and the people who reside in Japan just have to wait and be patient until things die down naturally.

After this, the real heartache will become known and the numbers which are being mentioned will become real names and real families and then tears and sadness will engulf many families and friends of people who have fallen.

Major damage in Miyagi and Fukushima will soon be uncovered and sadly bodies will also be amongst the devastation.

Therefore, soon it will be time for mourning but currently the situation remains cloudy and the true extent of the earthquake and possible aftershocks will remain uncertain for a few days.

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